Up to C$1,630 Welcome Package Play and Win CA$

Game of Thrones Online Slots – Awards all Game Long!

Yes, yes! Top online Canadian casino games are variable and available, and the best of them all is now merely a few clicks away! Letting you win so many free spins bonus for Canadians, enjoy the Free Spins choices, win 243 different ways and benefit from all the awards and rewards available for you including WILD and Scatter (the ones and only) - gambling online is better than it has ever been before!

Join now and benefit from Game of Thrones, the HBO based Slots game, which brings you the whole atmosphere of drama, tensed music, wild nature drawings and impressive cartoons right from the producer! If you want to feel the sensation of curiosity and fun, this online slots Canada game is the right one for you!

So let yourself enjoy a well combined game which contains both fine gambling features and great atmosphere techniques and let the reels spin!

Time for Benefits! What Do You Get?

You get so much it's even hard to grasp!

Let's Start With Scatter

Scatter is your Free Ticket for Free Spins! Scatter, once appearing on the reels (3, 4 or 5 Scatters adjacent to each other) will let you win Free Spins in which you are going to get more and more credits and retriggered rewards! In addition to that, the beauty of the Scatter is that it not only gives you the opportunity to win more credits, but it credits you on the spot, right away to your own payline! How cool is that?

Free Spins

Won with the Scatter symbol, Free Spins are your way to win more and more, and get more credits to deposit with later on! Your own luck is that when it comes to this bonus game, the Free Spins are quite easy to win! During the Free Spins themselves you have the ability to win up to 121,000.00 coins! These coins will obviously be added to your account so you could make some use of them once you go back to playing for real and depositing in order to win even more!

Free Spins Choices

Well, the greatness of the Free Spins is yet to be over! At the Game of Thrones you get so much more! Once Free Spins are a part of your game, you get to manipulate it as you wish! So, how does it work? First of all, you will see four options on the screen. Each option has different limitations and benefits, and every time the Free Spins are triggered you get to choose one of the options:

  • The House Baratheon Option: Here you get 8 Free Spins which have the X5 multiplier, and the symbol of House Baratheon is stacked 3 up.
  • The House Lannister Option: Here you get 10 Free Spins which have the X4 multiplier, and the symbol of House Baratheon is stacked 5 up.
  • The House Stark Option: Here you get 14 Free Spins which have the X3 multiplier, and the symbol of House Baratheon is stacked 5 up.
  • The House Targaryen Option: Here you get 18 Free Spins which have the X2 multiplier, and the symbol of House Baratheon is stacked 6 up.


Yes, this game is wild and so are its symbols! WILD is the symbol that serves as a substitute to all other symbols on the reels excluding the Scatter one, so once it is adjacent to other symbols it can make your spin into a win! By serving as a joker you can enjoy more winnings with less symbols!


The coins of BIG WIN, once appearing on the reels of your screen, can award you with very high values of payouts that would make your payline look bigger than ever before! The payouts are substantial and wonderful, be sure to enjoy them!

Betting Options and Gambling Variety - The Power is in your Hands!

There is probably nothing better in a fine gambling game than being the master of your choices and make the decision when to gambler and exactly how.

Betting Amounts

Whether you are a risk taker or whether you like to take it slow. No matter if your pocket size is large or small – anything fits at the Game of Thrones and everything is changeable! So, first of all, always keep in mind that you can start by depositing just a little bit and by using the buttons on the screen, you will be able to raise the amounts you make your deposit on, and vice versa.

Auto Play

Here, you get the option of both enjoying the fun parts of the game, including the win – spins, and yet be a little lazy and let the game work for you. When you get to the auto play part, you can decide how many spins you want to be played for you, when they would stop - after a specific number of spins? How many exactly? After you reach a certain amount of credits awarded? How many? Only when you decide to press stop, so the spins can be triggered theoretically forever? What is it that you want to happen? Be sure to remember that even if you decide to spin, for example 500 times in a row, or until you reach a certain amount of credits, you can always decide to stop those spins simply by pressing the Stop button! As mentioned before: the power is in your hands! Make the best use of it!